Solution Focused Brief Therapy: A Solution Building Approach

The Solution Focused Approach has been around since the late 1970’s. The approach is based on helping individuals identify and create the life that they want instead of trying to identify what is wrong in their lives. In the more than three decades since the development of the approach, there has been a great deal of research done and worldwide acceptance of solution focused therapy.

The solution focused approach is so simple that its application is complicated. There is a large body of training materials and books about this approach that focus on what it is. However, my books, products and trainings focus more on the “how to”. The goal of these materials and trainings is always to increase the skills and abilities of those using them, so that the skills learned can be used immediately in your work with clients. Whether you attend one of my classes or purchase a video or CD, I hope you find it helpful in your application of Solution Focused Therapy.

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“My greatest passions are to bring awareness to the efficacy of the Solution Focused Approach through research, train clinicians and other professionals to effectively implement this approach in their work, and to demonstrate that this approach has dynamic implications in couples therapy.”

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